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Controlled Product

You may verify prices of products controlled under Maximum Price by the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection


MOPRI is a mobile application which will help consumers to make informed purchase decisions. Consumers can also verify the prices of controlled products, customize their own basket of goods and compare prices of products between two outlets at a time.


What can you do with MOPRI?

Controlled Products

Check prices of products under the ‘Maximum Price’.

Create your Basket of Goods

Customize your personalised basket of goods from a selection 450+ brands , both food and non-food products. You can compare prices between 2 retail outlets at a time out of a pool of 50+ outlets.

Report a problem

Got a problem with a product or a retailer? Report it in a click.

Quick Overview

MOPRI allows you to:

  • 1. Create your personalised basket of goods
  • 2. Compare prices
  • 3. Report a problem or product in a click.

Please see the video for more information about MOPRI mobile application.

Download the app

MOPRI App quick overview

MOPRI is an App, which is part of the Price Observatory strategy to provide information on controlled retail products and Basket of Goods.

  • Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection.
  • Level 2, Sicom Tower, Wall Street,
    Ebène Cybercity, Ebène 72202,
    Republic of Mauritius.

  • Hotline: 185
  • Phone: 4602500
  • WhatsApp: 52541168
  • Fax: 4687404
  • Email: mcom@govmu.org

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